Trigger Talk Tuesday - December 5th, 2023

Trigger Talk Tuesday - December 5th, 2023

December 07, 20232 min read

Firearms and Self-Defense: Expert Insights from Trigger Talk Tuesday: December 5th, 2023

Trigger Talk Tuesday, presented by WPM and WCST and sponsored by Green Monster Firearms and Shadow Hawk Defense, is an engaging episode covering a wide spectrum of firearm-related topics.

The hosts, Clint Gage, Richie from Green Monster, and Randy and Lynn from Shadow Hawk Defense, kick off the show in a festive spirit, discussing favorite Christmas movies, creating a warm and lighthearted atmosphere. From classics like "Elf" to unconventional choices like "Die Hard," they set the tone for an inclusive conversation.

The main discussion delves into firearms, starting with lever-action rifles. The hosts express their enthusiasm for the Rossi R-95 classic lever-action rifle and its appeal as a fun and iconic firearm. They touch upon various lever-action models, including the .45-70, highlighting the diversity in options for enthusiasts.

Moving to ammunition, the episode explores the Winchester Ammo expedition, particularly the long-range 6.8. This high-powered round, relatively new to the market, finds favor among hunters for its long-range capabilities. The hosts, especially Richie, shed light on its applications, emphasizing its popularity for hunting purposes.

The conversation smoothly transitions to the 500 S&W ammunition designed for pistols. Known for its substantial size and power, it's discussed as a versatile round suitable for large game hunting and self-defense. The hosts delve into the challenges of handling such powerfual ammunition and share insights into proper training and stance to manage the recoil effectively.

One notable point raised is the significance of professional training in handling firearms. Randy and Lynn from Shadow Hawk Defense stress the importance of ongoing learning and professional guidance. They dispel myths about learning from YouTube, emphasizing the need for personalized instruction and correction of form and technique.

The hosts then explore the diverse aspects of firearm training, including close-quarters battle (CQB) techniques. Randy elaborates on the nuances of room clearing, emphasizing its practical applications for personal defense scenarios. The hosts discuss the challenges of solo room clearing, underlining the need for proper training to enhance survivability.

The episode takes an intriguing turn as Randy shares his background in ninjitsu, celebrating International Ninja Day. He highlights the uniqueness of ninjitsu training, where individuals are not required to emulate the instructor but can tailor techniques to their strengths and preferences.

The hosts wrap up the episode by promoting upcoming training courses offered by Shadow Hawk Defense. They stress the importance of continuous learning, debunking the idea that a single training session is sufficient. The conversation reinforces the notion that responsible gun ownership involves ongoing education and training.

In summary, Trigger Talk Tuesday provides an informative and entertaining exploration of various firearm-related topics, emphasizing the importance of professional training, safety, and ongoing education for firearm enthusiasts. The hosts' diverse backgrounds and expertise contribute to a well-rounded discussion that caters to both seasoned gun owners and those new to the world of firearms.

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