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Trigger Talk Tuesday - January15th

January 19, 20243 min read

Firearms and Self-Defense: Expert Insights from Trigger Talk Tuesday: January 15th, 2024

"Trigger Talk Tuesday" is a podcast or radio show that brings together experts in firearms, self-defense, and martial arts. The hosts include individuals from Green Monster Firearms, Shadow Hawk Defense, and UMAC MMA. Throughout the discussion, various topics related to firearms, accessories, training methods, and the intersection of martial arts and firearm use are explored.

The conversation kicks off with introductions from the hosts of the show, including Clint Gage and experts from Green Monster Firearms and Shadow Hawk Defense. A special guest, Andrew from UMAC MMA, is also present, adding insights into martial arts and self-defense.

The hosts delve into the diverse range of accessories available at Green Monster Firearms, such as the versatile "100 mph tape," which is highlighted for its strength and multiple applications in repairing and mounting items. They also discuss the utility of "550 cord" or paracord, a commonly used item in filmmaking and television for securing equipment.

A significant portion of the discussion revolves around a tactical light mentioned by Green Monster Firearms, which turns out to be a chem light that can be cracked to emit light for 12 hours. The hosts explore its applications, particularly in low-light or no-light situations, emphasizing its use in training scenarios and home defense planning.

The conversation then shifts to the guest, Andrew, from UMAC MMA. Andrew shares insights into the martial arts school's 30-year history, focusing on teaching martial arts, MMA, personal safety, and self-defense. He emphasizes the importance of proper training in firearm use, highlighting the misconception that martial arts alone can easily disarm someone with a firearm.

The hosts and guests stress the significance of continuous learning and professional training in both martial arts and firearm use. They discuss the pitfalls of relying on online sources like YouTube for training and emphasize the need for hands-on, in-person instruction to correct mistakes and reinforce proper techniques.

As the discussion progresses, the hosts touch on upcoming events like SHOT Show and shooting sports. They provide advice for individuals looking to purchase firearms during the holidays, encouraging them to invest in proper training rather than relying on self-taught methods. The hosts recommended Shadow Hawk Defense for professional training.

The conversation touches on the excitement of shooting sports beginning in March, advising enthusiasts to engage in dry fire practice and acquire new gear before the season starts. The hosts also mention the use of the smokeless range for simulated training scenarios, enhancing skills like trigger pull and reloads.

In the latter part of the discussion, the hosts share experiences and insights from their respective fields, emphasizing the importance of being a perpetual student and staying dedicated to continuous improvement. The hosts humorously mention the distractions of Las Vegas and its peculiarities, adding a lighter touch to the conversation.

Overall, the episode provides a comprehensive overview of various topics related to firearms, self-defense, and martial arts. It emphasizes the need for professional training, the dangers of relying on online sources, and the importance of continuous learning in dynamic fields. The hosts effectively blend humor and practical advice, creating an engaging and informative listening experience for firearm enthusiasts and those interested in self-defense.

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